Lo Blanc

White wine made from the Garnacha Blanca, Macabeo, Pedro Ximenez and Subirat Parent varieties. Freshness, intensity of aromas, medium body and good acidity.

15,00 €

Lo Rosat

Rosé wine made with 100% red Grenache. It is a fresh rosé, with body and good acidity.

15,00 €

Lo Clàssic

Red wine made with the classic Priorat varieties: Cariñena and Garnacha Tinta. A smooth and fresh wine, with intense aromas, medium body, good acidity and a long finish.

15,00 €

Lo Màgic

A wine made out of Carignan and Red Grenache, the classic coupage in Priorat, with medium maturation in french oak barrel that confers structure and complexity keeping its freshness.

20,00 €


Lo Temps

A wine made exclusively with Carignan in our best vintages. It is the wine we give the longest maturing in barrel, that confer strength, complexity and structure.

26,00 €