At the end of the 90’s we arrived in Priorat and, little by Little, our dream became true: to make our own wine, enjoying the whole process, carefully selecting each bunch of grapes, to obtain a handcrafted wine.

Illusion, work and passion for Priorat are the pillars of our Project, that we started in 2004 and four years later, in 2008, our first bottle saw the light. In 2013 we decided to go one step ahead and, after a careful restoration we set our winery in one of the most emblematic buildings in town: the “Sindicat Agricola” (“Farmers Union”), which dates back from 1919.

Our name (“Lo”) was meant to pay homage to this land: it is the male determined article, typical from the Ebro river lands. A serious name, as a wine must be, but at the same time spontaneous and close, as we are.


To produce D.O.Q. Priorat wines, testing and learning new techniques and sharing our experience directly or through the internet, from a personal perspective. The limit of our production lies in our own capacity: we only work our own vineyards, respecting totally the ecosystem.


To make quality organic Wines, at a fair Price, that reflect the identity of each plot. We are using traditional methods, without ignoring the new technologies.


To work mainly with the autochthonous varieties: Garnatxa Negra, Carinyena and Garnacha Blanca.


Each wine we make is unique and different from the others. We follow traditional techniques in all processing processes.


Respectful towards the environment. We practice organic farming.

We like to share the magic of wine with our friends, family, acquaintances and all those interested in the world of wine in general. Come and meet us, ask us, taste and share with us.


Our priority is quality and to achieve it we work on continuous improvement
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