La Solana

“La Solana” is a vineyard located in terraces located in the wine region of “El Lloar”, llicorella soil, planted with Carinyena in 2002 and 2015, and Garnacha Blanca in 2015, facing north.

Mas d’en Serres

The “Mas d’en Serres” is a vineyard on two levels in the vineyard area of La ViIlella Baixa, planted in 2005 with Garnatxa Negra and Cabernet Sauvignon, facing south.


“Planet” is a small “coster” located in the wine area of “La Vilella Baixa”, ground of llicorella, planted in 1919 with the variety Subirat Parent, of which there are some vines that we started to recover in 2012, also planting Garnacha Blanca Oriented to the North.

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You will taste our wines and we will explain you our project, our evolution, the winemaking methods, and the rest of the processes that take place in the elaboration.