All our wines are made from micro-fermentations of the different varieties and plots of each vineyard. From the final result we decide each year what elaboration will be for each one of the wines, due to its characteristics. What gives a unique and different result for each wine in each vintage, but always maintaining the character of our vineyards.

Lo Jove

A Mono-varietal wine made of Garnatxa Negra, without aging, versatile and easy to drink. Despite not having aging, it evolves very well during the 3-4 years following its bottling.

Lo Màgic

Wine made with the classic varieties of Priorat: Cariñena and Red Garnacha, of medium aging, which gives it a certain structure and complexity, while maintaining its freshness.

Lo Temps

Mono-varietal wine from Carignan that we make in the best vintages. It is the wine to which we age the longest in barrels, which gives it greater power, complexity and structure.

Special editions


It was our first wine, from which we made 1,800 bottles in 2007, it marked the style of what today is “Lo Temps”.

Lo Nen

This wine was made in 2009, looking for a more complex wine than “Lo Jove” and easier than “Lo Temps”. It marked the way for what today is “Lo Màgic”.

Wines on request

Create your own wine!!

Would you like to have an exclusive wine just for you, with your own design, in the format and quantity that you want? Then you are reading on the right web.

The fact of carrying out the whole process manually gives us the necessary flexibility to bottle and label items of any quantity, with no minimum.

Get in touch with us, come see us, explain your idea and together we will develop an exclusive wine proposal: with the style, design, label, and the amount you want (with no minimum).

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You will taste our wines and we will explain you our project, our evolution, the winemaking methods, and the rest of the processes that take place in the elaboration.